About Us


The Clamjamfry Festival is the newest experience in what is already gearing up to be a big year, in the vibrant Scottish festival scene. Since 2016, a small team of dedicated and seasoned festival goers have decided that it's their time to contribute something back towards the growth of this culture. One, which has not only provided them with so many good memories and the ability to cultivate friendships with like-minded people, but also a deep appreciation for DIY artists who work outside of the mainstream.

 What we dream of doing at the Clamjamfry, is to serve as a platform for emerging and already established artists who wish to display their talents in a safe, accepting and inclusive, atmosphere, free from corporate influence. We would also like to be able to facilitate that people of all ages and walks of life to participate in this, which is set to be a carnival for the independently spirited!

The debut of the Clamjamfry Festival is a one day/ night event that will take place at Annick Lodge, located in North Aryshire, near Irvine. The site is one with exciting possibilities for a creative team. Made up of large sprawling fields, partly enveloped by hills and canopied by wooded areas, with the Annick Water serving as a natural barrier between neighbouring farms, we are neither short on space, nor scenic beauty.

Our commitment is to make the festival experience open to as many as we can. We are honouring this through our line-up, displaying the talents of artists of different creative fields which include; music, visual art, spoken word and cinema. Whilst serving a range of craft Ales and spirits and Gourmet Cusine. And all this while offering some of the cheapest festival prices you will find in the country.
Annick Lodge is a site which, historically, is no stranger to hosting large festive events and the name itself, Clamjamfry, comes from an old Scottish word which is commonly associated with riotous crowds engaged in seemingly nonsensical activity. To us on the team, this is a phrase that translates as, 'good times!'
        Come join us,
          The Carnival of Good Times
          Watermelon Events CIC